Short Fiction


“Birch Daughter” will appear as a reprint in GlitterShip.


12/2023 “Reconciliation Dumplings and Other Recipes” in GigaNotoSaurus. Lake-dwelling demons, goblin bargains, and overcoming prejudice – wrapped around some delicious recipes that Actually Work because my collaborator Jari Haavisto and I tested them. (c. 8,800 words; novelette)


11/2019 “City of Wings and Song” in Issue 20 of Lackington’s: a double anniversary issue themed Birds. “A whir of wings, a stir of song. The market is waking.” — A city of captive birds in a queernorm world. Freedom and rebellion and the dangerous magic of poetry. (c. 3,800)


11/2018 “Birch Daughter“, in Fireside Magazine. A queer woman sets out to save her mother and ends up beholden to a bear. Feat. Finnish-inspired folklore, forests, and the slow buzzing of bees. (c. 2,800 words)


07/2017 “Don’t Look a Wish Horse in the Mouth” in Cosmos Pen: A Travel Guide to Finnish Weird, the English special issue (in print) of Finnish SFF magazine Kosmoskynä. “When wishes became horses, beggars still couldn’t ride – for the horses were the size of Christmas tree ornaments.” (c. 2,000 words)


07/2016 “The City Beneath the Sea” in the anthology An Alphabet of Embers, edited by R.B. Lemberg. A drowned city rises from the sea; those who enter will never be the same. (c. 1,000 words)
07/2016 “Water, Birch, and Blood” in Strange Horizons, the special July issues forming Our Queer Planet. (Podcast version here.) Elna’s memories of a magical past are awakened by a visit to her summer cabin. When the otherworld calls, what will she do? (c. 4,100 words)
08/2016 “Creation” in the August 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online. The Queen of Faerie demands, and Hands-of-Clay builds. (982 words)


03/2015 “The Ruin” in Issue 21 of Luna Station Quarterly. Magic has passed from the world, but traces may yet remain. Set in my ‘forest world’. (c. 1,800 words)
06/2015 “Moss” in Issue 26 of Silver Blade Magazine. CW: implied incest, as this is inspired by the fairytale Donkeyskin. Tuar runs into the forest to escape her father’s clutches; what she finds changes her life. A novelette set in my ‘forest world’. (c. 14,200 words)
09/2015 “Memory” in The Flash Fiction Press. “In prison, you start to forget the things that once had meaning.” (524 words)
12/2015 “Vierain silmin” (‘With Strange Eyes’) in the Finnish speculative ezine Usva. I recommend downloading the PDF, it’s got pretty pictures and nice formatting. (in Finnish) Uuskummaa Turussa: kekrirituaalin perään menevät folkloristiikan opiskelijat kohtaavatkin jotain aivan muuta Kupittaan puistossa. (n. 2100 sanaa)


07/14 “Wind Chimes” in 365 tomorrows. “You can’t feel solar winds on your bare skin.” (466 words)
10/14 “Chrysopoeia” in Issue 9 (Fall 2014) of Quantum Fairy Tales. An alchemist bartender seeks eternal life and love. (c. 2,000 words) (Magazine closed)
12/14 “Munankuorikehto” (‘Egg-Shell Cradle’) in Issue 3/2014 of Spin, the quarterly print magazine of the Turku Science Fiction Society (TSFS). The magazine can be ordered from the TSFS webpage. (in Finnish) Biojätteestä löytyy keijuja. (572 sanaa)