Poetry sale: Plunge Magazine

I’m back from a wonderful trip to the UK – much silliness, laughter and shenanigans ensued in London, Elmswell and Deganwy. I swam in a glacial lake in my underwear, took lots of photos of castles and the Welsh hills, watched trolling Saruman and enjoyed myself muchly in the company of dear friends. The only downside is that my trip wasn’t long enough to produce proper homesickness for Finland, so now I’m missing the UK rather a lot. That’s what you get for having two home countries of a sort like I do, I suppose.

Anyway, now that I’m back, I can share news of the yayworthy variety: my poem ‘The Understanding’ will appear in the next issue of Plunge Magazine!

Plunge is an awesome new publication with a tagline that piqued my interest at once: “queer. women. genre.”. I’m really pleased that ‘The Understanding’ has found a home in such a lovely magazine. It’s a poem that is a marriage of my love for manuscript studies and fantasy: a lyric from an edition of “Middle Argental” poems. Mmm, fake manuscript editions. So much fun.

I’ll post a link when the new issue is up!


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