Strange Horizons 2013 Fund Drive

So! It’s September, and that means it’s time for Strange Horizons’ annual fund drive. I’m posting to signal-boost this thing, because people, with just a few dollars (or as much as you like!), you can help one of the best SFF magazines keep operating.

From this Strange Horizons blog post:

Strange Horizons is — all together now! — a non-profit, volunteer-run, donor-funded organisation, which means that we depend on this month to raise enough money to keep going for another year.

Here is a link to the main page of the Strange Horizons 2013 Fund Drive. Check it out for more info on how it all works! Everyone who donates will be entered into a prize draw – and there are all sorts of awesome prizes.

With the help of your donation, SH will have the opportunity to keep publishing some of the best SFF around.

I’ve been a huge fan of SH long before I got published in it. It’s the zine I read most consistently, because it consistently has great stories and poems, and other interesting content. I love a lot of other zines as well – the more the merrier, too! – but so many of my recent favourites have been published in SH. Also, it’s been lovely to be published in SH: everyone I’ve corresponded with on the editorial staff has been a pleasure to work with.

I really want SH to keep on keeping on, so go ahead, read it (I’ve recced a lot of SH stories and poems, for instance; or check out my Wolf Daughter 😉 )- and decide if you want to help the magazine keep going, too.


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