Story sale to Silver Blade Magazine

Good writing news to start off May: my novelette “Moss” will be published in Silver Blade Magazine!

I’m really happy that this 14,200-word baby is going to go forth into the world – it will be my longest published story to date. It’s set in the same forest world as “Boat-husk” and “The Ruin” … although in a completely different part of that world, and a different time period. It’s so much fun to write stories and poems set in the same secondary world!


  1. I’m so excited for you Sara — is this perchance the story I’m thinking of?

    1. It’s the one I sent you part of ages ago. So it may well be the one you’re thinking of. 🙂

  2. Also, I love that you have your own story world with three stories set in it, now. World building!

    1. This is a fun way to worldbuild. 🙂 Also makes writing new stories set in this world less of an effort!

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