Sunday recs: Long time no rec

Sooo it’s been quite a while since I last posted any Sunday recs. I’ll try to get back into the game again – I’ve been reading lots, as always, but have neglected to recommend my favourites.

Here’s a few poems I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks:

“The Glass Men” by Alexandra Seidel (in Ideomancer). Haunting, the repetition of “these are the men of glass” makes me think of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”.

“The Cultivation of Beauty” by Sara Cleto (also in Ideomancer). As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have a weakness for all things related to Beauty and the Beast. This is a strange, rather dark but interesting take on it.

“Artemis Speaks to Aphrodite” by Alicia Cole (also in Ideomancer). Such achingly beautiful words. Artemis is my favourite Greek goddess, too.

“The rivers, the birchgroves, all the receding earth” by Rose Lemberg (in Strange Horizons). This is incredibly gorgeous. I am utterly in love with the language in this, and the atmosphere of hope tinged with sadness.


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