“Palimpsest” in March issue of Snakeskin

Nice poetry news for this grey Monday: my poem “Palimpsest” is in the March issue of Snakeskin.

Read it here!

I wrote “Palimpsest” in August 2013, during a poem-a-day week (which I enjoy doing occasionally, especially with my friend Kat). I do love comparing textual/manuscript things to emotions and such intangible things.


  1. Hey,
    really enjoyed the poem.

    Didn’t even know this word before. I like the message. Always I try to say, once you chose a path forget that there ever been a crossroad.

    1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed it. I really love the word “palimpsest”, it’s so fun to say out loud too.

  2. Erm, late comment is late? Just re-read this though and I remember when you wrote it and how this…
    The easiest way to begin
    is to burn all your regrets
    and move to a foreign land.
    …really resonated. <3

    1. Late comments are just as appreciated! I remember you mentioning that those lines resonated. <3

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